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wow it’s been one long year! I haven’t even had my blog for a year and it’s almost 2013. I want to thank all of my followers for being amazing and so sweet to me over the past year. When times were tough you guys were always there for me, so thank you. I made so many memories on here in the past year and it’s amazing how wonderful the people are. Let’s hope for another wonderful year. I love you guys! 

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reblogging again for anyone who hasn’t seen it.

I would really love to start but I don’t have any head canons sent in!

Please sent in your Disney Princess Head Canons, so this blog can start!

Welcome to Disney Princess Head Canons!

I started looking for Disney Princess head canons and tumblr seemed to be lacking a tag/blog for them. So I decided to make one for all you Disney Princess people looking for one! I have the submit box open and I’ll keep it open all night until I wake up. I’m going to try to open and close it so I can keep the head canons coming swiftly and not delaying people wanting to send some in. So send in some head canons!